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Xbox Fanfest and Gamescom 2015 Part 1

So it took me a while to find the time to write a short recap of my Gamescom and Fanfest experience… but here it is.

As you know I was invited to the Xbox Fanfest which took place from August 4th to 5th. Either you were invited by Xbox or you could get in line in front of the Gloria Theatre on Tuesday morning to get a ticket for the 2 day event. I think they gave away 500 tickets.


On the evening of Tuesday, Xbox invited all fans to a very fancy location here in cologne. It’s a big place where concerts and other events are held. They decorated it pretty nice and had showcased some cool stuff.


I arrived late (baby girl at home) and rushed directly to the area where Xbox had a screening of some unseen clips from the Rise of the Tomb Raider campaign. It looks very promising. I was laughing with Nicole, a fellow Halo fan girl I met there, about the fact that when Lara is making her incredibly dangerous and not human like jumps, nearly every third time the wall or pillar collapses, leaving her dangling close to death. The scenes we saw were so action packed it leaves you breathless just by watching.


I hope I find enough time in November to play it. But the competitor is huge…

Then we saw a hilarious demonstration on how big of a boys game Crackdown 3 is going to be. The creators of Crackdown showed us what you can do if all you can think about is: MUST DESTROY EVERYTHING. It was the complete and utter destruction of a skyscraper. Haha, everytime something collapsed the whole crowd went crazy and they roared in animalistic manner when the skyscraper finally collapsed. I was amused.

After all this watching we were sent out to explore the location and plaaaaay some Halo 5. That was all I wanted so Nicole and I went….walked fast….ok we jogged to the Halo 5 room.


Needless to say, I was so hyped. But when I saw that Andy Dudynsky aka Bravo was sitting next to me I was like WHAAAAAT?! The match had already started and we were in the lead. The first minute I ran around the map headless and totally confused. I had seen the gameplay from IGN before, so I knew what we had to do, but playing it for real is something different. I tried to find my teammates and stick to them. But they were running around rather headless themselves. I think this game type requires the comeback of the mic. It’s essential to be able to communicate with your team. But I love this new game type! It’s massive! Sadly we lost our match…Bravo couldn’t save us.

I also played We happy few, a very weird but funny game. It’s totally different than any other game I played, so that’s reason enough to buy and play it. Weird is always good. Another game I played was Homefront: The Revolution. I started in the middle of the game and objective so it’s hard to form an opinion. Game play felt not as good as I imagined it. The picture below is a little dark, but you can see all the games that were available to play.


All in all it was a cool evening. Just being outside without my girl was exciting enough. On the event Xbox announced to the fans, that everyone would get free access to Gamescom on Wednesday, the next day. That day is not open to the public but for media only. Imagine my excitement as I knew that the lines at the booths wouldn’t be long at all and all I could think of was Halo 5! Again!



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▶ 15 Minutes of Halo 5 Warzone Multiplayer 

This is so damn epic!!! Yesterday IGN released this 15 minutes long video of the just announced Warzone Multiplayer. I was already impressed by what I saw at the E3 press conference, but this is just too much: Firefight with a classic Multiplayer objective! Shut up and take my money.

I’m really interested how this „level up“ thing works. In the video you can see the player accessing a console and picking weapons. The quality of the weapons gets better with each level. Question is do you progress through kills? The more kills you get, the higher your level? But then you can also see that the player in this video gets demoted at some point and after dying he can only choose from what appears to be the rookie loadout.

Well, we will know more soon. So far I’m just stoked and I wanna play it now, like RIGHT NOW!!!

Girls Love Halo – Interview with Jessica


The second Interview on this page is with Jessica, whom I met in my early Instagram days. She is a huge Halo fan like me. As you can see in the pictures she added to the Interview, she has lots and lots of cool collectibles. She also has in-depth knowledge of the Halo universe through reading the books, as well as playing all the games. I hope you enjoy what she has to say!

1. When did you start playing Halo?

I’m not sure when exactly I started playing but I remember playing an excess amount of Halo 3 with my brother growing up. I stopped playing video games for a while then ended up playing 3 with a few friends. I remembered how much I loved the story and ended up playing through the campaign in one sitting. I ended up getting Reach and then got completely immersed into the story. I was hooked again. It’s gotten me through some pretty rough times in my life.. I suffer from an eating disorder and depression and this game has brought me out of my funk quite a few times. I get on and play the campaign or online with a few of my friends and it just lifts my spirits.


Continue reading

Only a few pieces left…


The good people and fellow german Halo fans of HaloOrbit assembled the status quo of the Halo 5: Guardians scavenger hunt puzzle. Go visit their website for the hi-res pic: – Mysteriöse „Hunt the Truth“ Schnitzeljagd läuft vom 25-28. April

Halo 3: ODST release for Xbox One in May 2015

As Bonnie Ross told us back in December, 343 is remastering the campaign of Halo 3: ODST for the Xbox One. It was meant to be an apology for the disastrous release of the Master Chief Collection and is supposed to be free for everybody who played the MCC during November 11th and December 19th.


I’m looking forward to this so much. ODST is one hell of a game with an absolutely stunning atmosphere and soundtrack. There is no concrete date yet, but it is said it’s dropping some time in May with another big update for the MCC.



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