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If they came to hear me beg. One tough Achievement.

One of the hardest achievements on Halo that I ever accomplished was the ‚They came to hear me beg‘ achievement on Halo: Reach. The description of the achievement reads as followed:

Performed an Assassination against an Elite to survive a fall that would’ve been fatal.

So in order to complete this achievement you have to jump of the cliff at the start of the level Pillar of Autumn. Below the cliff are 3 Grunts and 1 Elite. You have to sprint to the edge of the cliff and then jump down trying to land on the Elite and perform an assassination.

It is tough. Oh damn is it tough. Well at least for me. I remember trying it for over an hour. Sprint, jump…fail. Haha and Emile in your head saying: Race you to her.

When I finally managed I was so happy! I jumped up and screamed. More of a roar if I am honest. It is such a satisfying feeling when you beat a tough achievement.



Finally! Another epic Halo Trailer.

When I saw this trailer during the microsoft press conference I had goosebumps. Finally another freaking great Halo trailer. Although it is for Halo Wars 2, a game I will probably never play, it is just beautiful. I really missed this kind of trailer. The Halo 5 trailers were all meh, except maybe the first one, where Chief is in his Poncho…wait a minute…was that ever explained? Just thought about it and I can’t remember that it was ever mentioned again. Like the TV series…but that is another topic.

The song in the trailer is from the band The White Buffalo.

My favorite Halo trailer ever must be the Starry Nights trailer from Halo 3. Oh dem feels!

Band of Brothers – Why are so many players quitting their games?



What happened to our Band of Brothers?

Were we not supposed to stand by each other?

Help each other and fight next to each other?

We promised to leave no man behind.

To finish the fight.

And yet…

Every time I play a fucking game

Some random guy drops out.

Leaves like a pussy at the sight of defeat.

Who are you vermin?

Grow some balls Pedro!

Grab your rifle and start shooting your way out!

Seriously guys! What is happening to Halo 5’s multiplayer? People are dropping out of games like flies. The Banhammer does not strike hard enough I fear. Or these kids just don’t care. All they care about is their rank. Because that is the only explanation I have for that behavior. If they fear they might lose, they quit so that the game does not count. Ugh! That is just shitty. Last night I played alone against a full team. One by one my team mates dropped out and left my sorry bottom alone. I finished the fight and will continue to do so even if my rank goes down. Because what does a Diamond or Onyx rank mean, when it is acquired through quitting and unsporting behavior? Nothing.

The multiplayer experience is ruined for everybody in a game with quitters. It does not matter if you are on the full team or the one where people left. I personally don’t enjoy a game where my team plays against one with only 2-3 people. If that happens I just get bored and mess around. My favorite thing to do then is to explore the map. Or just jump across the map and see if anybody joins my shenanigans.

I want to play 4 vs 4. I want an honest fight.

Don’t go into the light

Fotu_Halo5_Screenshot_ Splintergrenade

What the lamp is for the moth, the Splinter Grenade is for the Spartan. Countless times have I witnessed as my teammates or the enemy could not resist the urge to run into the aftermath of the Splinter Grenade. I assume it goes down like this: Spartan John Doe fights tooth and nail to win the duel with the red dude who comes at him with brute force. He manages to evade the Shotgun and throws a Splinter Grenade right at the enemy. Red dude vanishes to ashes and John Doe can’t help but let out a deep sigh. Gosh that was close. My shields are almost drained, the alarm is beeping like crazy…I need health! Over there. It sparkles. It looks like an orb, no, many orbs. Could it be? Could it be a health orb? I want to touch it. I am going in….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..pooooooooooooof.



Obviously I have been John Doe myself. But come on. Only in the beginning. When I didn’t know about the deadly aftermath of the Splinter Grenade. Now I know and I shake my head and sigh deeply, when once again, one of my teammates runs like a headless chicken right into the middle of the sparkling orbs. The sighing and head shaking quickly turns into red hot anger though, when the announcer mockingly snarls: Betraaaaayed. AS IF!!! AS IF!!! How can I be made responsible for the stupidity of my teammates? Hooooooow? (echoes endlessy).


Xbox Fanfest and Gamescom 2015 Part 2

After the amazing evening at the Xbox Fanfest, Wednesday came and so did the excitement. I was going to play Halo 5 again. How fortunate! I only had to figure out who would look after my little daughter while I was inside. Children under the age of 3 aren’t allowed at the convention. Luckily my mother loves her grandchild so much that she was willing to come to cologne and watch her. But still, I only had a small window of 2-3 hours. And that was the time when Yoda appeared to me and said: Use your time wisely padawan.

And so I rushed to the convention and fought my way through the endless halls that were amazingly empty. I only know Gamescom fully packed when it’s hard to find your way through the crowd, let alone get in line to play a game. Waiting over 2 hours is absolutely normal and with most games it’s even longer. Being there at this day when usually only media is allowed inside, was perfect. I was going to meet Nicole, whom I had met the evening before, at the Halo booth.


As you can see on the photo above, the line was tiny. We got in and while waiting we saw this beauty:


To reveal Halo 5’s biggest Warzone map, 343 hired Megabloks to build it out of 89.500 bloks. They first showcased it at san Diego Comic Con. It’s name is already legendary to me: Raid on Apex 7. It’s a spiritual successor to „The Silent Cartographer“ and therefor amazing. Who doesn’t love this campaign level?

So as you can see we were well entertained during our short wait. Inside the booth Nicole and I did really well at our Warzone match. We won and I had so much fun. Playing it for the second time, I knew a lot more and could play smarter. October were are you?


Since I had not much time left I just strolled through the halls and took in the sweet convention feeling. Next year I definitely be there longer. My daughter will be older and won’t be needing me every 2 hours. I’m really glad Xbox invited me to this well organized and exciting Fanfest. And I hope they will be hosting another next year, because on Wednesday evening everyone who had the Fanfest wristband was also invited to a boat ride on river Rhine. I couldn’t go but heard it was a blast. So next year I wanna be there too.

To conclude this small recap here are some pictures I took at the Halo 5 booth:












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