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Don’t go into the light

Fotu_Halo5_Screenshot_ Splintergrenade

What the lamp is for the moth, the Splinter Grenade is for the Spartan. Countless times have I witnessed as my teammates or the enemy could not resist the urge to run into the aftermath of the Splinter Grenade. I assume it goes down like this: Spartan John Doe fights tooth and nail to win the duel with the red dude who comes at him with brute force. He manages to evade the Shotgun and throws a Splinter Grenade right at the enemy. Red dude vanishes to ashes and John Doe can’t help but let out a deep sigh. Gosh that was close. My shields are almost drained, the alarm is beeping like crazy…I need health! Over there. It sparkles. It looks like an orb, no, many orbs. Could it be? Could it be a health orb? I want to touch it. I am going in….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..pooooooooooooof.



Obviously I have been John Doe myself. But come on. Only in the beginning. When I didn’t know about the deadly aftermath of the Splinter Grenade. Now I know and I shake my head and sigh deeply, when once again, one of my teammates runs like a headless chicken right into the middle of the sparkling orbs. The sighing and head shaking quickly turns into red hot anger though, when the announcer mockingly snarls: Betraaaaayed. AS IF!!! AS IF!!! How can I be made responsible for the stupidity of my teammates? Hooooooow? (echoes endlessy).


Halo 5 Screenshots

Today I want to share some of my new Screenshots. Two of them are made on a forged map but the others are just early ones from when Forge wasn’t released. I have to say I have had big problems with Forge so far. And it’s not the controls like you may think. My problem is that I can’t access my Forge maps in the theater. They just don’t show on either recently played or watch now. I have only been able to watch a gameplay on a forged map once. Hence the 2 Screenshots on Parallax. I don’t know if that was pure luck or something else. The clip didn’t show in recently played, but was available under watch. I find it extremely unnerving that theater isn’t working properly. I was so happy when Forge came out and it looks promising enough. But what good does that do when I can’t access my maps?

I’ll have to wait for the next patch I guess.








Screenshots old and new – Halo 4 versus Halo: MCC

Being a screenshotter I was very disappointed by the lack of a file share on the MCC. I cannot to this day understand why 343 didn’t give the Halo community the possibility to take screenshots and upload them to your file share. That this feature wasn’t included in the beginning when all went wrong I can forgive. But now? After such a long time? Look at the difference from Halo 4 to MCC below. You have two Halo 4 screenshots and then several Halo MCC shots from Halo 2: Anniversary. There you always have the date/description thingy in the left corner. It sucks! You can crop it out or try to blur it out but honestly you shouldn’t be put in a position where you have to do that.

Halo 4 screenshots:





Halo MCC screenshots:






Of course 343 had already made it so much more difficult to take screenshots in Halo 4, before the MCC came out. I think it was during the phase when the new Halo Waypoint came out, that you suddenly had no recent screenshots in your file share anymore. The only way to find your screenshots was and still is to go to the public file share and look through a ton of screenshots from other people to find yours. If you’re lucky there aren’t a lot of others, but again! why remove something that was working perfectly fine and make it so much harder?

I’m really nervous about all this concerning Halo 5. Will 343 have a proper solution for the Halo photographer out there?

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