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The Halo Community – Instagram accounts

When I planned this article I thought it would be the easiest thing ever. I’m actively involved in the Halo Instagram community since early 2013. So naturally I thought ‚hey, that’ll be easy‘.

Ummm, nope. There are so many Halo accounts nowadays, I only know half of them I guess. So how can I give an objective opinion on who should be mentioned here? I can’t and I won’t. I didn’t do it with the podcasts and I won’t do it with Instagram. This is my blog and my opinion. Subjective.

So here are my favorite Halo blogs:

The Halo Diaries – This girl has humor. I have been following her since forever and I always find myself laughing at her funny posts. She is a huge Halo fan and has quite a lot of figures which she arranges in awesome pictures. Please go follow.

She Wolf – Another girl…yes another talented girl. She Wolf is probably one of the best screenshot artists I know. She has such an eye for beauty and I highly recommend to follow her.

Halo Classics – A swedish screenshot artist who has way too few followers in my opinion. He does Halo screenshots, but also posts other gaming related stuff.

Halo Highlights – Brandon has quite a big account and he deserves it. You’ll find beautiful arranged screenshots and other Halo content.

Lady Vanquish – Kristen is a professional Halo player and features amazing gameplay. You will get jealous I promise.

Halo Scotland – Scottish gentleman and amazing screenshot artist.

Halo Drawing – As the name may hint, here you can find beautiful Halo drawings.

Vicapx – Fellow german girl and very talented artist.

Exiled Regiment – Another awesome screenshot account.

FY117 – She knows Halo. She just knows. Loyal Halo fan who loves Halo lore.

Kitkatgoose – Kaitlin is a beautiful cosplayer. So cute.

Tico – Amazing screenshot artist.

Strandy 42 – Megabloks Enthusiast and photographer.

Rlydrawing – Draws the most beautiful Halo stuff.

The Halo World – General Halo content. Been following for ages and I know why.

Spartan Jess – Halo fanatic. Loves Halo lore, collecting Halo stuff and is a passionate gamer. I’ve known her forever.

Ashli – Another woman who knows how to play. She is sooooo good at Halo it’s amazing! Super friendly person as well.


My dear friends and fellow Fotus Mafia clan members. (Not only Halo content):

Vexing Lotus – Lily posts what Lily wants. And she is amazing. Just recently I decided to quit our screenshot account Our love 4 Halo. We were doing it for 3 years but I lost my enthusiasm and decided to only concentrate on my Girls love Halo account. So yeah, now Lily made our account into her own personal gaming account and I highly recommend you to follow her.

Forerunner Omega – Sal is a very talented artist. He does screenshots, custom Halo figures, toy photography and more.

The Halo Turtle – Katie features a variety of content from Gameplay to screenshots.

Msg.Lizzard – Liz is a badass cosplayer.

Stormy – Super sweet person. Cosplayer and other Halo content.


I hope I didn’t forget anyone. And remember this is only my opinion.

Since I am doing IG since 2013, I naturally picked the accounts that started with me, that I know for a long time. I have to admit that I don’t know many of the newer accounts. I just don’t spent as much time on IG anymore as I used to.

Regardless, I hope you found some inspiration on who to follow on Instagram and I will continue the Halo community series with cosplayers.


My favorite Games

Not Halo related, but I am a passionate gamer and I wanted to share my favorite games with you. Here is a list of games that I absolutely love:

  • Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and Assault on Dark Athena
  • Crysis 1 and 2
  • Tomb Raider Survival Edition
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Child of Light
  • Valiant Heart
  • Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
  • Ryse
  • Journey
  • Bioshock 1 und 2
  • Dead Space 1
  • Fable 2
  • Fallout 3
  • Halo, of course. Favorite out of all is Combat Evolved and my secret crush is ODST.

I probably forgot a few games but it’s a good list. There is one game I want to highlight and recommend to you guys: Valiant Heart. This game is so breathtakingly beautiful and well made I am still in awe.


Finally! Another epic Halo Trailer.

When I saw this trailer during the microsoft press conference I had goosebumps. Finally another freaking great Halo trailer. Although it is for Halo Wars 2, a game I will probably never play, it is just beautiful. I really missed this kind of trailer. The Halo 5 trailers were all meh, except maybe the first one, where Chief is in his Poncho…wait a minute…was that ever explained? Just thought about it and I can’t remember that it was ever mentioned again. Like the TV series…but that is another topic.

The song in the trailer is from the band The White Buffalo.

My favorite Halo trailer ever must be the Starry Nights trailer from Halo 3. Oh dem feels!

Girls Love Halo Interview with Katie

Another Girls Love Halo Interview is up. My fellow Fotus Mafia clan mate and beautiful IG friend Katie aka The Halo Turtle answered my 10 questions. Enjoy!

1. When did you start playing Halo?

Well, my brother used to play it all the time, he actually hosted his very own Halo tournament for one of his birthdays. We never really got along until we found gaming as a common ground. I first started playing Halo with him, I was about 10 or 11, we would spend hours together, he would show me all the glitches and let me play through the campaign, I even use to help him lag switch while playing online. Once he grew out of it that was the end for me, that is, until I rekindled my friendship with my BFF Kim, she showed me Halo Reach (I’ll tell you more about that on question 7).

2. If you could choose to be one character of the Halo universe, who would you be?

I wouldn’t want to be anyone, that’s way too much pressure. Having to fight and save the world from scary ass aliens! 😉 I’m just kidding; I would love to be Dr. Catherine Halsey, I mean we do already have the same first name, she is the whole reason the Master Chief is who he is. She got to know all of the spartans before they even became spartans, before their training and augmentations, she got to choose who made it and who didn’t. She was the head honcho of the entire Spartan Program and I think that’s freaking awesome.

3. Do you have a favorite Halo quote?

Cortana- “Just one question: what if you miss?“
Master Chief- “I won’t.“
I know this is more than one but they just can’t be said seperately. This is from Halo 2, up until this point we all thought Chief was a badass but this right here confirmed it. He likes to push and test his limits and, of course, show off for Cortana.

4. What do you love most about Halo?

The community definitely. I love seeing all of the screenshots and montages, all the custom Halo figures and toy shots. I love that all these people who don’t know each other can come together over one video game and be friends, be there for each other. I love how we all support and defend each other.

Katie’s first Screenshot


5. What do you hate most about Halo?

I didn’t really hate anything about the actual game until recently. I absolutely can’t stand that Halo 5 isn’t split screen or how the Swat game type plays. I LOVED Swat in Halo Reach but they butchered it in Halo 5 in my opinion. Also, I’m not entirely that happy that they didn’t put in a voting system. I would love to be able to choose the maps I play on. Other than that I hate that people quit out of games so often and that if I lag out of a game because of the shitty servers it’s put on me because I “quit out“ and then I get banned. I wish there were a way that they could tell the difference.

6. How would you rate your skills in Halo? (1-10)

Well, considering I very rarely go positive I would say a 4 and that’s probably still too high lol. I just love the game, to me it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about playing and having fun doing so.

7. What is your favorite Halo game?

Hands down Halo Reach and that’s all thanks to my bff Kim. We would spend hours, days, playing and drinking and just having fun. Neither one of us were working so I would go over to her house and we would spend all day doing the challenges. We would play Swat until our fingers bled and would rage at all the campers and shit talkers until our faces turned blue. In the end it was all fun and games, we loved it. We met so many amazing people who we still play with to this day. In my opinion Halo Reach was the best made Halo just because of the multiplayer and the community.

8. What do you prefer? Campaign or multiplayer?

Definitely multiplayer, even though I’m terrible at it, I love playing against other people and making friends. Don’t get me wrong the campaigns are amazing I just find it more fun to rage at “noobs“ and battle it out with the sniper and shotgun.

9. Which games besides Halo do you play?

In the past I didn’t play anything but Halo but now that I’m older, have my own place and my own money, I’ve broadened my horizons. I’ve been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Grand Theft Auto, and Destiny on Xbox also, Pokemon, Zelda, and TMNT on 3DS. That’s just naming the ones I play most. I like to download all of the free games just to try them out but, so far, I really only like FPS games.

10. If you had to endure one level of any Halo game in real life, which one would it be and why?

There are so many great ones to choose from but The Flood (excuse my language) creep me the fuck out so definitely not any of those levels. Maybe Truth and Reconciliation from Halo: CE. I love that you start out that mission with a Sniper and have to sneak around, kill all the enemies, and board their mothership to save Captain Keyes (he is one of my favorite characters).


Thank you, Lena, for having me. I had a bunch of fun while doing this interview and it brought back a lot of good memories. <3

Girls Love Halo Interview with Kristen

I’m very proud to present the 5th Girls Love Halo Interview. This time the lovely Foxy Lady Games tells us her Halo story. You all know her and love her for her amazing Halo clips. Kristen took some time out of her busy scrimming schedule and answered my questions. Enjoy!


1. When did you start playing Halo?

I started playing Halo when it first came out November 15 2001. I was 11 yrs old and my brother who is 2 years older than me had the first xbox. I watched him play Halo for the first time and I was hooked. We played coop campaign together and that led to where I am as a player today.

2. If you could choose to be one character of the Halo universe, who would you be?

Master Chief without a doubt would be my character of choose. Playing as 117 throughout every game made me feel like a human tank. Throughout the entire Halo series, the Master Chief has always been selective with his words and actions, which created a whole new PVP experience for me. I felt like I was the Master Chief, so determined to save the galaxy and all of humanity. \^-^/

3. Do you have a favorite Halo quote?

My favorite quote would definitely be when Sgt. Johnson gets the tank in Halo 2 and tells Cortana, „I know what the ladies like“ lol and me being a foxy lady, Johnson knows what I like. 😉

4. What do you love most about Halo?

What I love most about Halo is being able to fantasize. The futuristic aspect of Halo is what appealed to me right from the start. I love everything about it, the weapons, the armour, the maps, it’s story, it brings me out of the real world and into a whole new world. I made so many friends online, people that I can relate too, it’s just awesome!

5. What do you hate most about Halo?

What I don’t like most about Halo recently is not having the ability to veto matchmaking maps. I feel like whenever I go into matchmaking it’s the same recycled maps. It would be nice to choose what map the players want to play and having more variety.

6. How would you rate your skills in Halo? (1-10)

Well it’s hard to say where my skills land on. I think that there’s always room for improvement and that there is no cap on individual skill. I’d like to think I’m 10/10 but I know I’m not because like I said, there’s always going to be players that are better than you which makes this game so competitive and edgy I love it. Overall I think I’m a good player, striving to be a better one.

7. What is your favorite Halo game?

Halo 3 is my favorite. I’ve played all of the Halos and I felt that this one was the best and left off with a bang. MLG was at it’s prime during H3 and not to mention the community was amazing. I loved taking screenshots and playing matchmaking with all of the friends I made. #neverforgethalo3

8. What do you prefer? Campaign or multiplayer?

I play more multiplayer, being on a team I have to be online scrimming.

9. Which games besides Halo do you play?

I play a lot of games. I’m open to anything. As of right now my priority is Halo, but some days I just want to relax so I’ll be over my friends house and play some PC, PS4, N64, Wii.. even board games. I’m a nerd, so there’s no limit to the games I play.

10. If you had to endure one level of any Halo game in real life, which one would it be and why?

The Ark (Halo 3) the greatest Halo campaign level ever created. From sniping, to blowing up everything in the tank, to charging into war with dozens of vehicles, and Arbiter on your side, this level is just simply magical.



Thank you Kristen!

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