Here is a quick ’10 things I love about Halo 5′:

  • Classic Halo music is incorporated.
  • Campaign is tougher.
  • Weapon sound is amazing.
  • Forerunner weapons improved so that you actually want to use them. (esp. Boltshot and Surpressor).
  • Enemies drive Warthogs.
  • You can switch seats in the Warthog. Yes you can.
  • Covenant Dropships aka Spirits look freaking amazing! The way they open and close, omg!
  • You can gather Intel and Skulls. Love both, since I’m a huge fan of collecting.
  • Warzone. ’nough said.
  • Cortana is back!

Although I don’t like her new appearance and the fact that she is now kind of a bitch, I can’t help myself but to be happy to see her. I don’t understand what she is though or if she even is at all. I read many theories that she is in fact still dead and we merely see a ghost or memory of her. I want her to be alive again and reunited with Chief. I need them to be together. Chief needs her. It makes me almost cry to think about the way John doesn’t understand Cortanas actions; he’s so confused and hurt. And when Cortana vanishes with the Guardian and screams John….omg, it’s so sad.